Coaching: Improv

Go Team.

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 Want to play smart & follow the fun?

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 Here’s the game plan:

I developed my teaching style – zany, rigorous, and compassionate – through 6 years of sketch and improv training (PIT, UCB, Magnet Theater) and 10 years of study with international master instructors in Clown, Bouffon, Commedia dell’Arte, Neutral Mask, and Lecoq Movement Method.

My job, as I see it, is to provide improv and sketch teams with structure and feedback to encourage group trust, release, creative risk, joy, and then (inevitably): smart, fresh, personal comedy.

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  1. Tell the truth! Your funny will follow.
  2. Listen. Breathe. Then: Yes, And…
  3. Relax: let your body lead.
  4. Commit to an emotional point of view: your character will follow.
  5. Set your environment with object work. Enjoy taking up space!
  6. Be present: There’s no better “Game” than the one you’re in.
  7. Give in to FUN…laughter will follow!

My cred:

I perform on the PIT House Team CHARIOT.

I have 6 years of training at the PIT, UCB, & The Magnet.

I’ve written, produced, performed, and toured my stage comedies in NYC, San Francisco, Florence, and Rome.

My stories have been selected for The Moth’s NYC GrandSLAM.

Comedy has been my passion and profession for over a decade.

I’m on time, on point, honest…And nice.

Interested? SEND ME A LINE.