Commedia dell’Arte

What’s commedia? Zanni will show you.

Commedia dell’arte is:

commedia definition grey white border

it’s also…

Zanni Zanni description adj bar

each commedia CHARACTER has its own mask.

In zanni zanni Lazzo, we perform in traditional masks that I made by hand:

You know these Guys.

Commedia dell’Arte characters burst into song, break into fistfights, tangle in lovers’ quarrels, elude & elope, slip out of chores & into mischief, always in hot pursuit of fun.

  • Pantalone — Rich nobleman & old, lecherous, hypochondriac miser
    • (think Mr. Burns)
  • Tartaglia — Clerk & stuttering, skittish, ever-obedient yes-man
    • (like Mr. Smithers)
  • Arlequino — Servant & dopey glutton always playing hooky from work
    • (aka, Homer Simpson)
  • Smeraldina — Maid & long-suffering, hard-loving tough cookie
    • (think Marge Simpson & her sisters, Patty & Selma)
  • Pulcinella — Shopkeeper & gullible, irate but tender-hearted helper
    • (like Moe of Moe’s Bar)
  • Capitano — Knight Errant & semi-delusional, bragging coward
    • (mash-up of Principal Skinner & Groundskeeper Willie)
  • Dottore — Quack Doctor & drunken, pompous orator of fake vocabulary
    • (as in: T.V. “Dr. Nick”)
  • The Zanni — Dim-witted, quick-to-temper, slow-to-work types who regularly come to blows over who’s in charge
    • (aka, Barney Gumble, Lenny & Carl, Chief Wiggum, Edna Krabappel)

Watch our July 2016 performance:

EKDuncan - Antique French Pantin Pierrette 02fall 2016 shows forthcoming.harlequin

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