Dumb Smart: Comedy Show

Be a bad student.

Class clowns say smart sh*t in a Dumb way.

Baby-Lesbian, Tech Nerd, History Buff, Bookworm & Cartoon Geek Becca Foresman hosts.

In this show, comedians explain smart sh*t in a dumb way with a video projector plus GIFs, ‘Grams, cartoons, sci-fi, YouTube…the whole glass menagerie of InternetLand.

Watching videos alone in bed on your laptop gets boring fast. So come kick it with all the other people who like to get lost down YouTube holes, drink beer in the dark, and laugh too loud at things that are A) so dumb they’re smart, or B) so smart they’re dumb.

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upcoming shows:

July 2 @ 6 PM @  the PIT Loft
august 17 @ 8:30The Pit Underground
September 23 @ 6 PMthe Pit Underground


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