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Millennial Actors Rock the Stage in New York’s Fringe Festival

“Two actors are responsible for a total of six roles. Half: A Divorce Farce seems like mission impossible, even for those accustomed to the world of theater. For the show’s cast, however, it’s just another day at work.”

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FringeNYC 2013 Highlights of Shows to See: “HALF” is a “Great Pedigree”

“We think any student of [Pig Iron, Rainpan43, and Headlong Dance] is worth watching — and Becca Foresman, author and actor, has trained with them all. an irreverent, whirling-dervish farce.”

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“HALF: A Divorce Farce” is a Tour-de-Force

“Highly amusing and entertaining…Well worth it to see these two fantastic actors and grand technicians go full-throttle through this giddy fairy tale.”

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“Half: A divorce farce” — no really. it’s very funny.

“A terrifically absurd and hysterically funny two-person farce…can’t recommend this show highly enough!”

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Princetonian-produced “HALF” Opens at the New York Fringe Festival

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